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Management team and governing bodies

LKS Next corporate and management bodies

The Board of Governors is the Representation and Governing Body for LKS Next. The Management Board, executive and management body. The Corporate Board as the consultancy and contrast body.

Board of Governors

Maria Amutxastegi
Nerea Alberdi
Eva Pérez de Arenaza
Yon Polvorosa
Jaione Badiola
Jabi Puertas
Joane Montero
Izaro Zarraonandia

Management Board

Elena Zárraga
General Director
Gonzalo Fornos
Business Consulting Director
Joseba Bilbao
Business Development Director
Jose Ignacio Lacal
Isabel Fernandez
Financial Director
Jesus Dorronsoro
Technology Consulting Director
Martin Recalde
Legal Director

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