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Social commitment

Our watchword

Commitment to Human Rights and people


In our group, consistent with our cooperative essence that prioritises people and their work rather than capital, we filter our decisions to respect Human Rights.


The implication, commitment, and effort from over 1,500 people working for LKS Next is vital for the success of the social-business project. Aspects such as training, safe work environments, promotion of equality and continuous improvement in the job quality are important.

Sustainable Development: and impact on local communities

Solidarity GRUPO LKS Next 2002
FPD – Divisional Promotion Fund (€) 102.528 € €
FCD – Cohesion and Development Fund (€)84.975 € 84.975 €
FEI – Inter-cooperative Expansion Fund (€) 33.990 €
COFIP – Mandatory Contribution Fund for Education and Cooperative Promotion and other Public Interest purposes (€) 127.504 €
ONG (e) 6.650 €

The LKS Next Compliance Programme is upheld by:

  • Risk assessment working from consideration of potential crimes mentioned in Organic Law 1/2015, dated 30 March and identification of the most critical risks, depending on their probability of occurring and their potential impact, plus requirements from customer entities. This has led us to identify risks and propose measures.
  • A prevention model, following best practices and standard compliance with a preventive focus – approved within the parent Cooperative Board of Governors on 28 November 2017 – with the following key elements:
    1. Crime Prevention Manual.
    2. Code of Conduct LKS Next
    3. Compliance Committee regulations.
    4. The Internal Information System (SII).

And other derived processes: Financial Resources Management model, Ethical channel.


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